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It’s November…

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It’s that time of year again.  Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.  Let’s be Thankful for all we have and all that He has given to us!!!

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Hawk eyes

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One comment and that is that my prediction has come true.  I am sure that this is no surprise to you, but the Home Inspector (Eddie) is about as frustrated as one can get!  He had a list of odds and ends and before he could even check on them he saw that YOU HAD TAKEN CARE OF each of them.  He is convinced that you have eyes like a hawk but he is also delighted to see a job well done.  I can hardly wait to see it! -Joan

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A Hamsher Home offers up top 20 view in the world

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Hello Mark, look what Hamsher Homes have done….! Our House get woted as the 20 best of Airbnb in the world ! In a big online Newspaper from Switzerland. Now we have so many requests …we need an other house! (in a little while) Thank you again for all your perfekt work! Greetings Mägi and Rolf...

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We did it again…

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For 5 years in a row now, the Greater Englewood Area has chosen Hamsher Homes as one of “The Best!”  Thank you Englewood for your support!!!

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Happy Easter!

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Easter is approaching fast!  We want to send out a Happy Easter to all our clients, Facebook followers and all who enjoy Hamsher Homes.  Thank you and enjoy the wonderful Easter celebration weekend.

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Happy Veterans Day!

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Happy Veterans Day!!!  This also means Thanksgiving is right around the corner…  And that means only one thing, Christmas is soon to follow. This 2014 has passed us by quickly but the home sales sure have not.  We have experienced our best selling year in a long time.  As we approach the upcoming snowbird season, we anticipate more sales and look forward to building many more quality relationships with our clients.

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Welcome Cold Front!

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For most of us who claim to be Floridians (at least those of us whom have lived in Florida longer than outside of Florida), this past weekend’s cold front was a highly anticipated and welcomed event!  We saw temperatures drop into the 60′s for the first time in months.  Even more important, the humidity has dropped and it is comfortable to be outside again.  Thank you to our northern friends for sending the cold weather our way.

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Weather cooling down, market heating up

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As we look forward to the first “cold front” to eliminate the summer humidity, we see that the housing market has remained hot.  As the weather cools heading into the fall months, all indications point toward our northern friends continuing to move south.  As the existing inventory diminishes, buyers are choosing new construction.  The increase in the housing market is creating jobs and income in our area.  We see an increase in our full-time residents, businesses are moving in and tourists are flooding our region again.

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Facebook page

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Follow us on Facebook as we are continually updating and keeping our watchers connected.

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This market has changed…

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As we continue to move away from the depths of the Great Recession of 2008-20011, we are now witnessing an exciting change in the new construction market.  Resale inventory has been bought up and prices on used homes reflect that.  As buyers notice the prices of used homes are equivalent to the prices of new construction homes, they are increasing the amount of our new home sales contracts to 2004 levels.  We have far exceeded our sales expectations for this fiscal year. We are thankful for our clients, past and future.  We are also thankful...

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