We have had three homes built for us.  You did a better job than the other two. Everything is all we could ask for or hoped for. Every detail has been seen to. We are proud of our new homes.

If we had any questions before, during or after the house was finished, they were answered quickly and to our satisfaction. Request’s for changes and additions were seen to in a friendly and prompt way.

Thank you for a wonderful home building experience and a wonderful home!

-Al and Judy


Your reputation was checked out beforehand, and “total satisfaction” was the phrase that was repeated over and over.  You have certainly upheld that with everything that has been done to date and especially with your work in keeping me abreast of progress. -Joan


Thank you!  The house looks fantastic!  You and your staff have done an excellent job.  We signed the first contract with you ten months ago, and during the entire process of de-mucking/plan changes etc., you have displayed honesty, integrity and professionalism at every step. We really appreciated working with you, it’s much easier when you trust the builder!

We would also like to thank Debra for her outstanding work, it’s easy to see that she really cares about Hamsher clients and goes out of her way to ensure the customers happiness.  Debra is highly professional with great ideas!  Debra was wonderful to work with from start to finish.

-Scott and Marci

Once again, thank you, thank you!  In the midst of my insane work schedule during tax season (think 14-16 hour work days), your photos have provided me with an area of sanity!  I sit and look at them while I am on hold, look at them whenever I am ready to really blow my top, and in general look at them whenever I can come up with an excuse to do so.  I am thrilled at the progress and am “amusing” myself picturing each area as it will look when finished.


Tax Season

Thank you, thank you!  The pictures were the bright spot of my day since it is snowing here!  Some first day of Spring!  The progress is amazing – can’t wait to see it in person (after tax season is over).


Spring "break"

Just a quick note to thank you for your welcoming letter of “thanks and encouragement” regarding the home you will be building for in Rotonda.

I am very much looking forward to my move to Florida, and so far have had a great experience in selecting my lot (thanks to George Fowler and his expertise) and in working through the various options available for The Rose floor plan.

This is exciting as well as a bit scary for me.  This is the first time I had a home built when I wasn’t within an hour of the construction site.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Welcoming letter

Tears in my eyes, so happy to see the progress (regarding the pictures you emailed to us).

Thank you and God bless you!

-Greetings Mägi and Rolf


It is sooooo hard to look at the picture (you send to me) and not be there!  One thing is for sure, when we build the next home with you, we will stay there to watch the whole time.

-Margot and Rolf

From afar...

We really appreciated all the extras that you did to help protect our home from the rain and you kept us informed of everything as it was being renovated.  We love our addition and we are slowly getting everything the way we want.  Thank you for being there for us and we will recommend Hamsher Homes to anyone.

-Brooks and Julie

Extra effort

HOLY CRAP!! Everything looks absolutely beautiful! You’re blowing my socks off!


Very transparent feedback...